Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery

Firefighters know the importance of home fire safety. That’s why the Englewood Fire Department encourages participation in the semi-annual home fire safety program called: Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery

Replace old batteries with fresh, high quality batteries to keep your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms ready to protect you all year-long. Some newer style Smoke Alarms contain a 10-year sealed lithium battery that does not require changing each year, but should be replaced after 10 years.

Check Your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms

After inserting fresh batteries in your Smoke Alarm / CO Alarm, make sure the Alarm is working by activating the safety test button. The Englewood Fire Department recommends that you test all of your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms at least once each month. If you have any doubt regarding the working condition of a Smoke Alarm / CO Alarm, we recommend you replace it.

Count Your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms

The Englewood Fire Department highly recommends that you have a properly functioning Smoke Alarm in every sleeping room in addition to the hallway within 10 feet of those rooms. If sleeping rooms are on an upper level, a Smoke Alarm should also be installed in the center of the ceiling directly above the interior stairway.

It’s best to have at least one working Smoke Alarm on every level of your home, including the basement and family room. In addition, a CO Alarm is required to be installed within 10 feet of all sleeping rooms. To assure optimal protection and avoid false alarms, your Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm must be mounted properly. You’ll find simple instructions included with every Smoke Alarm and CO Alarm you purchase. Should questions remain, we encourage you to visit or contact us for help.

Clean your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms

Help your Smoke Alarm / CO Alarm remain sensitive and ready to protect you by gently using a vacuum cleaner once a month to remove dust and cobwebs. If your Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms have been accidently painted or contaminated, replacement may be necessary.

Retire your old Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms!

Smoke Alarms / CO Alarms work every minute of every day. After millions of sensing cycles, they should be retired. Replace your Smoke Alarms with new devices every 10 years and CO Alarms after 5 years.