In Memorium

Lieutenant William H. Stimper, a 26 year veteran of the Englewood Fire Department, made the supreme sacrifice while performing his duties on Friday night, December 12, 1952 .

Lieutenant Stimper collapsed after performing his duties on the interior of the building located at 70 William Street . The building was reported to be a 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling with the seat of the fire being the first floor kitchen. Flames and smoke were reportedly “pouring” from the building upon arrival of the fire department. Lieutenant Stimper was in charge of the fire attack on the second floor of the dwelling, guiding Firemen Touhey, Best and Grysnick. Lieutenant Stimper was transported to Englewood Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Lieutenant Stimper’s cause of death was determined to be a heart attack as a result of severe smoke inhalation. Chief Truslowe eulogized Lieutenant Stimper by saying he was “an excellent fireman and respected leader”.

Lieutenant Stimper left behind a wife, Louise and two daughters, Elizabeth and Terry.